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Alder Olmai

Image by Dominik Bednarz

breaking new grounds with ancient knowledge

In a world that is witnessing breakdowns of many unsustainable processes, it is time to rethink our values and relationship with the earth. The textile and fashion industry, notorious for its pollution and toxicity, will have to open up for new ways to produce textiles built on respect for the planet and for people.

We believe in learning from those who live in harmony with nature. Our brand is derived from an ancient Scandinavian spirit that invites us into the forest, a warrior who breaks new ground and brings about transformation. As we call on our roots and the wisdom traditions, we know that this is a turning point.

It is time to relearn what's truly important to us and to reflect on the kind of future we want to create. At Alder Olmai, we're committed to being a catalyst for change.
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